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Welcome to Reception!

Class Teachers - Miss Whyte & Miss Barnes
Teaching Assistants- Mrs Ledson, Miss Croughan 

Ms McCall (Wed AM)


Autumn Term 2017



Welcome to your new Reception class! We hope you all had a lovely fun filled six weeks off school!  

We are delighted with the way our children have settled into school life and  the way in which they are exploring their new classroom. They are enjoying learning new things and they are all taking this in their stride. We couldn't be more proud.  We would like to thank you for your support in your child's transition from Nursery to Reception.   


This half term we will be learning all about ourselves, our new classroom and the rules and routines in School.  In Religious Education our topic will be 'Myself'.  


In Mathematics we are concentrating on numbers 1-20 - counting objects, recognising them, and putting them in order. We are also looking at simple shapes and their properties and exploring shapes in our environment.


In Phonics we are focusing on blending and segmenting the sounds in simple words. We will focus on a letter sound daily and will learn to form the letter properly, read and write words containing that sound. We will also be looking at tricky words such as 'the' and  'said' these are words that can't be sounded out. Children will soon be given reading books, initially these books will just contain pictures so that children start to tell stories using the pictures. They will then move on to books containing simple words.



We are encouraging children to become independent in Reception and so we ask that children begin to come into class on their own to  hang up their coat, change their library book, put away their book bag and belongings and settle on the carpet.  However, we have an open door policy at St. William of York and if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to speak to one of the members of staff.  


Our Reception Uniform is the same as nursery. Our Foundation Stage uniform has been carefully chosen to ensure practicality, safety and to instil independence in our youngest children.

Our Summer uniform:

White polo shirt

Purple school sweatshirt

Purple school jogging bottoms

BLACK velco trainers, plimsole pumps or shoes

Black socks


Don’t forget PE will be taking place on a Thursday; our children will begin to get changed for PE this half term so will need to have a  school PE kit in school please.  You could begin to support your child in becoming independent by encouraging them to get dressed into their uniform every morning, including shoes!


We ask that children bring their book bag, reading book and reading record (yellow book) into School daily. Children will read to a teacher at least once a week, but there will often be opportunities to read again throughout the week! Please sign the yellow reading record every time you read with your child as this helps us to understand how your child is reading at home.  Please try to read with your children every night.


As always we welcome parents, family members or carers into our Reception class to share with us any information about your child or milestones that they have achieved at home and we have 'Ask me about' slips that you can fill out and hand to a member of staff.   Photographs of significant events or home learning can also be emailed to Miss Whyte or Miss Barnes to be shared on the big screen in class. Our email addresses are: or


Snack Money is £1.50 per week or £9.00 for the first half-term or £21.00 for the whole of the Autumn Term.  This money goes towards providing your child with a healthy snack daily and for buying resources such as baking materials, craft materials and additional items linked to our topic.  We ask that this is given in a named envelope preferably on a Monday.  Envelopes will be available at school if necessary.


Our Topics for the Autumn Term are Myself, My family and Babies. In Religious Education we will be looking at Family, Baptism and Advent.


Thank you for your anticipated support and we look forward to an enjoyable and exciting term in Reception!

Miss Whyte, Miss Barnes, Miss Croughan and Mrs Ledson


Reception Long Term Plan

First day in Reception

First day in Reception  1
First day in Reception  2
First day in Reception  3
First day in Reception  4
First day in Reception  5
First day in Reception  6
First day in Reception  7
First day in Reception  8
First day in Reception  9
First day in Reception  10
First day in Reception  11
First day in Reception  12
First day in Reception  13
First day in Reception  14
First day in Reception  15
First day in Reception  16

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