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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

Class Teachers – Miss Whyte (Mon-Wed) Miss Cotter (Wed-Fri)

Teaching Assistants – Ms McCall (Mornings) Miss Turner (Afternoons) Mrs Jones (one-to-one)

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to your first term in Year One! The children have settled into their new class and routine extremely well and are enjoying seeing all of their friends and exploring their new classroom. We have lots of exciting things planned for our first term and you will be learning lots of new things.


We will continue to line up at 8:55 in the main playground. Children are to be collected at 3:15 – parents to gather by the gate on the main playground where children enter school in the mornings and not outside the classroom door. Please ensure the office have up to date contact numbers and inform a member of staff if someone new will be collecting your child.


Please bring your book bag into school everyday and practise your reading book every night. Parents please continue to write in your child’s yellow reading diary when they have read at home.

Home work will be sent home every week – alternating between literacy and numeracy homework. Spellings will also go out on a Friday to be learnt for a spelling test the following Friday.


Children are permitted to bring a named water bottle into school and can bring in a healthy snack for break time each day.

PE bags should be brought into school as soon as possible and PE will take place on Monday afternoons.


Art and Design

Drawing and Painting – The work of Henri Rousseau


We are all connected. (CS)

Design Technology

Designing a home for a hedgehog.Breath of study:Use of materials



Local History.How did Kitty Wilkinson help to clean my clothes?.


Narrative.Range of traditional tales to support Science-The three little pigs.

Pie Corbett-Oracy- Patterns in language.

  • Uses simple sentence structures
  • Sometimes uses a capital letter and a full-stop to demarcate a sentence and for the personal pronoun I.
  • Can sequence events
  • Orally plans sentences before they are written.

Usually shows some awareness of the purpose of writing


Unit: Hey You!Style: Old school Hip Hop



Number: Place Value (within 10)

  • Count and sort objects
  • Count one more/one less
  • Compare numbers


Number: Addition and Subtraction

  • Find number bonds for numbers within 10
  • Addition: Adding together
  • Subtraction: Taking away, how many left?


Geometry: Shape

  • Recognise and name 3D shapes
  • Sort 2D shapes
  • Patterns within 3D and 2D shapes


Number: Place Value (within 20)

  • Numbers from 11 to 20
  • Compare groups of objects
  • Order groups of objects



Games (Rolling and ball skills)

Dance - Beatrix Potter Animal Dance.Explore, link and repeat a range of actions with co-ordination and control.

Religious Education

Theme: Domestic Church





Animals including humans.


Hedgehog Home 🦔


Wanted posters - have you seen the troll?

Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 1
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 2
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 3
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 4
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 5
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 6
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 7
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 8
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 9
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 10
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 11
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 12
Wanted posters - have you seen the troll? 13

Making Masks - Three Billy Goats Gruff

Still image for this video

Journey in Love

Roald Dahl’s Birthday

Roald Dahl’s Birthday 1
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 2
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 3
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 4
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 5
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 6
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 7
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 8
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 9
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 10
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 11
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 12
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 13
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 14
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 15
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 16
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 17
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 18
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 19
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 20
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 21
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 22
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 23
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 24
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 25
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 26
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 27
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 28
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 29
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 30
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 31
Roald Dahl’s Birthday 32


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  • Our Mission Statement
  • Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • To go forward in Christ, to respect our neighbour and to always give our best.