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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Spring Term 2018

Class Teacher - Mrs Stalker
Teaching Assistants - Mrs Della Corte & Mrs Blair


Happy New Year and welcome back! The children have settled back into our routines very quickly and are keen to learn. Here is an outline of this terms curriculum overview.


PE Kits

PE will continue every Thursday this term and all children require a full P.E kit. Please check that your child’s pumps still fit as some children do seem to have grown!



Reading continues to be a priority. Reading for 5-10 minutes everyday will help to develop fluency. Maths and Literacy will be sent home alternate weeks. Spelling patterns will be sent home and are based on the phonemes being taught in phonics each week.


You could also go to Oxford Owl Top Tips website. Here, you will get ideas to help your child:

  • continue to build up a range of reading skills,
  • continue to gain confidence with their reading,
  • continue to develop reading with fluency and with expression and…
  • reading for enjoyment.


Topics for the Spring Term 2018


Here is an outline of our  Curriculum:            

Religious Education

We follow the scheme Come and See for our R.E sessions and our themes this term are: Special People, the children will talk about the special people in their lives at home and also the people who help us in our community and in our family at church.

The children will learn about how we celebrate in our lives and families and at Mass by having special Meals.

In the theme Change the children will talk about the importance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday and that people use Lent as a time of making change.


Our texts this term are, Can’t you Sleep Little Bear, Owl Babies  and an Author Study of Jez Alborough. We will spend lots of time participating in speaking and listening activities and orally rehearsing sentences before we construct simple sentences. We are learning to use adjectives and conjunctions to extend our sentences. We will continue to practise our handwriting patterns and ensure that we use finger spaces and punctuation to demarcate our sentences.


Everyday phonic sessions will encompass spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. Then the children are show how to transfer the skills that we have learnt into our writing.

We will be reading common exception words and we also focus on prefixes and suffixes and their spelling rules.



The children will continue to work on counting, Place Value and partition numbers into tens and ones. Number Bonds to 10, counting in 2’s,5’s and 10’s.They will continue to develop mathematical language such as comparative language, fewer than greater than or more than and less than a given number. They will use and develop strategies for Addition and Subtraction of numbers up to 20 such as using a number  line, tens frames, part/ whole methods, pictorial representation and problem solving. The language associated with Measurement will be used to record, length, height, weight, capacity and volume and also to compare, describe and solve practical problems.


This term we will discuss safe places to cross the road litter and traffic around our school. We will have a visit from our local Road Safety Officer.

We will also be discussing seasonal change and the effects of it on the length of our day and daylight.


Who is Kitty Wilkinson? The children will find some artefacts that link us to this very famous Liverpool Lady whose statue can be found in St Georges Hall. The children will create a time line and look at sources of evidence as part of their historical learning journey.



The children will be using digital cameras during the apptivity ‘Pictures tell a thousand words’ they will learn how to use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private; identify where to go for help and support when they have concerns about content or contact on the internet or other online technologies .



Matching pitch -explore sounds made by body percussion and household objects, explore how these objects make a sound when they are shaken, tapped or  banged .

Physical Education

This term the children will be learn how to warm up their bodies ready to exercise, by using the teaching cards displayed in the hall. We will then focus on Top Play Games Rolling, striking, sending and receiving a ball, catching and throwing various pieces of equipment. The children will learn new skills, continue to develop the skill of co operation and transfer these skills into small sided games.


The children will be encouraged to ask questions use their observational skills, sort and classify and predict what may happen in their investigations.

We will also observe and describe the weather and identify key features of the seasons Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Our study of plants and the local environment will enable the children to identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, evergreen trees and deciduous trees.


The children will be shown how to use a range of materials to explore

Self Portraits- Look at portraits of Van Gogh

Look at portraits of family, what do they say about us?

Design Technology

We will be selecting suitable materials to produce Weaving- using paper and thread the children will explore various techniques and try different patterns. They will then be able to reflect on and evaluate the techniques they have learnt.

Y1 Curriculum Overview

Journey in Love

  • Our Mission Statement
  • Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • To go forward in Christ, to respect our neighbour and to always give our best.