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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Class Teachers - Mrs Stalker
Teaching Assistants - Mrs Prendergast, Mrs Hunter & Mrs Blair


Welcome back to the Summer term of Year 2 !

We hope you have enjoyed the Easter break.


Can I please remind you that our P.E days are Thursdays and all kit must remain in school. Girls must remove or cover their earrings.


Reading books and library books are changed each week, please feel free to write a comment in your child’s reading diary, we always like to hear how well they are reading at home.


Cake and shake will continue every Wednesday for £1,all the money raised will contribute towards our school trip at the end of the year.


Staff are available at the beginning and end of the school day if you wish to speak to us about any school issues. Thank you for your continued support.

Library books: These will be changed every Friday please remember to return them so that your child has a new book for the week.


Topics For Summer Term 2017

Religious Education

Pentecost (serving) Spread the Word - Pentecost a time to spread the Good News.

Reconciliation (Inter Relating) Rules - Reasons for rules in the Christian Family - Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Universal Church (world) Treasures - Gods Treasure - the world.


This term we will be continuing to reinforce spelling, punctuation and grammar activities everyday and transfer the skills that we have learnt into our writing. The texts we study will be Lila and the secret of the Rain, Fatou fetch the water, The light house Keepers lunch and Winnie at the Seaside. All the children are encouraged to join letters using a cursive style of handwriting this term.


Keep on practising your times tables 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x

This term we will be naming and learning the properties of 2d and 3d shapes such as faces, edges, vertices will begin our term. We will explore Lines of symmetry and making and describing patterns. Then we will learn to tell and write the time using 5 minute intervals, compare and sequence intervals of time and know the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day. As part of our work on measurement we will be estimating and measuring capacity (l /ml) and temperature (0 C) to the nearest unit .Revisiting the four operations of addition ,subtraction, division and multiplication is ongoing through out the year.




Human and Physical Features linked to the story Lila and the Secret of the Rain are explored this term.We will be using maps, Atlas’s, globes and the internet to locate the world’s seven continent’s and five oceans. We will be drawing maps and exploring the landscape and climate of Kenya.We will keep a daily weather chart, exploring the daily changes in weather.

Exploring African culture, food and crafts .If you have any African artefacts or know anybody who has visited Africa we would love you to come into school and share your experiences with us.




Physical Education

Our work this term will focus on Top Play ,throwing and catching skills needed to perform Athletics .We will all look forward to our end of year sports day in the final part of the term.


Seeds and Plants conditions needed for growth. Exploring light, warmth and water and their effects on growing plants and seeds.We will also be setting up a weather station to observe and record rainfall.

Design Technology


Can you design a container that will help Fatou carry water to her African Village?



Patterns and colours used to make African animal masks and African Jewellry.



We will be introduced to African music and African drumming. We will also learn a traditional African song. The children will explore the rhythm, pulse and pitch of the piece, as well as the feelings music can have on the listener. Respond verbally and pictorially.



Y2 Curriculum Overview

2017 Key Stage 1 tests

Seaside day

Seaside day 1
Seaside day 2
Seaside day 3
Seaside day 4
Seaside day 5
Seaside day 6
Seaside day 7
Seaside day 8
Seaside day 9
Seaside day 10

Africa 🇰🇪

Africa 🇰🇪  1 Miss Waf discussing our class text.
Africa 🇰🇪  2 The children had such fun with Miss Waf.
Africa 🇰🇪  3
Africa 🇰🇪  4
Africa 🇰🇪  5
Africa 🇰🇪  6
Africa 🇰🇪  7 Miss Waf.
Africa 🇰🇪  8
Africa 🇰🇪  9

🎄Christmas Party 🎄

🎄Christmas Party 🎄 1
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 2
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 3
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 4
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 5
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 6
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 7
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 8
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 9
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 10
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 11
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 12
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 13
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 14
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 15
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 16
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 17
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 18
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 19
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 20
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 21
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 22
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 23
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 24
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 25
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 26
🎄Christmas Party 🎄 27


Still image for this video

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner  1
Christmas Dinner  2
Christmas Dinner  3
Christmas Dinner  4
Christmas Dinner  5
Christmas Dinner  6
Christmas Dinner  7
Christmas Dinner  8
Christmas Dinner  9
Christmas Dinner  10
Christmas Dinner  11
Christmas Dinner  12
Christmas Dinner  13
Christmas Dinner  14
Christmas Dinner  15
Christmas Dinner  16
Christmas Dinner  17
Christmas Dinner  18
Christmas Dinner  19
Christmas Dinner  20

We brought in our favorite books to show the class

We had a very special visitor in year 2...Puff the bearded dragon!

We love being active!

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  • Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • To go forward in Christ, to respect our neighbour and to always give our best.