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This week for your homework you will be completing some maths work.  For the first activity you will need to use your number bonds to 10 facts.  This is something that we practise a lot and it is so important to learn these facts as they will continue to help you throughout maths in school.

On the sheet are ten frames with different coloured counters to help support your child with the addition problems.  They are used to using this format in school.  We use real ten frames and counters to support learning in school.  They are used to develop children's number sense within the context of ten as they help children to visualise the numbers.  The different coloured counters help to teach them simple additions and numbers to 10.  Below are some links to similar ten frames we use in school, incase you wanted to purchase any for learning at home.

The second sheet is addition using numicon shapes.  Again the children are familiar using Numicon in school.  Numicon is a teaching aid consisting of plastic tiles with holes which represent the numbers 1-10.  We use them to teach place value, ordering and calculation.  Learning about numbers for the first time can be challenging for children.  Numicon are designed to make numbers real for children by them being able to see and physically touch each number.  It provides a solid object to represent each number.  Below are some links if you wanted to purchase some to use at home to support learning and a video of how they can be used to support learning.

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