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For numeracy this week, I would like you to explore the relationship between different units of measurement and convert between these units.  To support you, I have found some My Maths and bitesize materials to help you.


Remind yourself, using the following videos, of the various units of measurement.  Do you know how heavy a Kg is?  Can you think of anything which measures 1g?  Do you know how many centimetres are in a metre?



Metric system: units of weight | 4th grade | Khan Academy

Let's jump into the world of metric weight measurement! Nice to meet you, milligram. You, too, gram and kilogram. Let's get to know each other. Watch the nex...

Metric system: units of distance | 4th grade | Khan Academy

The great thing about the metric system is that everything is measured in terms of ten. You've heard of meters, kilometers, centimeters, and millimeters, rig...

Metric system: units of volume | 4th grade | Khan Academy

How much is it to drink a liter of soda? First off, drinking a liter of soda could result in some serious cavities. Nonetheless, understanding metric units o...

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