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St William of York Catholic Primary School


Spring term 


Distribution of natural resources and industry

Explore how the availability of natural resources affects the industries which thrive in an area.

Primary industries


Industries which extract raw materials directly from the land or sea - corn, fish, timber and coal. Examples of primary industries are farming, forestry, mining and drilling for oil and gas deep within the earth’s crust

Industries in our local area.

Key concepts and words - industry, primary industry, raw materials


How is the land in our local area farmed?


Arable farming

  1. What is grown in the local area?
  2. Why is that grown in the local area?

Pastoral farming

  1. Is there any evidence of the rearing of animals as a source of food locally?
  2. Plan a field trip around the local area to look at the local farms - use an OS map to plot a route 

Is fracking in our local area positive or negative for our environment?


  1. Explore the exploitation of fracking for shale gas  in Lancashire and Formby
  2. Explore how shale gas is extracted
  3. Plot on a map fracking sites
  4. Explore how this natural resource is extracted
  5. Plot on a map where this natural resource is found in the North West
  6. Consider the pros and cons of fracking - draw conclusions   

Key concepts and words - fracking, fracturing, geology, shale gas, environment, pollution, global warming, drilling, site, earthquake, water, sand, chemicals, high pressure, 


Autumn term


Geography basic skills

Name and locate a wide range of places in the locality, U.K. and the wider world.

Revise location and names of the continents

Locate main countries of Europe

Know the 8 points of the compass

2 figure grid references


Volcanoes- What makes the earth angry? 


A focus on volcanoes and an introduction to earthquakes.

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