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Geography – Summer Term

Fieldwork and Map skills (The local area.)


Here are some activities that you could do at home linked to this topic:


  • Watch the video of the read aloud of 'Mapping Penny's World' then have a go of drawing an aerial plan of your bedroom
  • Walk around your local area and record key features and landmarks by taking photographs then drawing pictures when you get home.
  • Draw a simple map, remembering that it needs a title and a key.
  • Use locational and directional language to describe feature and routes - give and follow simple instructions to get from one place to another using positional and directional language such as near, far, left and right.
  • make a treasure map for someone in your family to find your hidden treasure!


Mapping Penny's World

Mapping Penny's World by Loreen Leedy

Penny's World map - design a map of YOUR bedroom

CBeebies | Go Jetters | Map Funky Facts

Ubercorn tells us his Map Funky Facts! For more Go Jetters visit Visit us at

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