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Geography 27th April 2020


Geography – Summer Term

Fieldwork and Map skills (The local area.)

I would like you to continue with some of the activities from last week, if you didn’t get round to them (click on last weeks tab for more info):

Here are some activities that you could do at home linked to this topic:

  • Watch the video of the read aloud of 'Mapping Penny's World' then have a go of drawing an aerial plan of your bedroom
  • Walk around your local area and record key features and landmarks by taking photographs then drawing pictures when you get home.
  • Draw a simple map, remembering that it needs a title and a key.
  • Use locational and directional language to describe feature and routes - give and follow simple instructions to get from one place to another using positional and directional language such as near, far, left and right.
  • make a treasure map for someone in your family to find your hidden treasure!


During the topic ‘Our local area’ we would usually go on a walk to our local shops – ‘The Crescent’.  We have some landmarks to try and spot on the way and when we arrive at the shops, we have to find out what each of them sell or what service they provide.


I have attached the sheets, just in case you are going out for a walk locally for your daily exercise – see if you can spot any of the landmarks.  If you are isolating, have a look out of your window and see if you can see any of the landmarks.  Also another way is to have a virtual walk on google earth - we always have lots of fun exploring google earth in school!


You could ask a grown up to help you with the shops sheet and complete this from home – you may recognise some of the shops and may already know what they sell or which service they provide?

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