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Greek theatre.

For your topic work this week, I would like you to watch the clips below, along with undertaking personal research if you can, and learn all about visiting the theatre in Ancient Greece.  Maybe you could think about:

What did the theatre look like?

Was anybody allowed to be an actor or actress?

Did they wear costumes?

Could anybody visit the theatre?


After you have completed your research, I would like you to imagine that you have visited the theatre and recount what the experience was like in the form of a diary entry.  Remember the features of a diary:  Written in the past tense, chatty informal tone, written in chronological order, include main events of the day and first person accounts.




Can you produce a poster to advertise a visit to the theatre?

What information would you need to include?  

Remember a balance between illustrations and text.

Think about font and organisation of text.


There is also a greek theatre mask activity for you to complete.  You may want to draw and design your own theatre mask too.


Plays of the Ancient Greeks: Tragedies and Comedies - The Basics (w/Mr. P.)

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