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Greeks at sea. The trireme.

This week, I would like you to research Greek battles at sea.  The trireme was a sailing vessel used at sea and its structure made it effective in battle as it approached and attacked its enemies.  Whilst researching, you may want to consider responses to the following questions:

1.  Why was it called a trireme?

2.  Which features of the trireme allowed it to smash into and sink enemy boats?

3.  How many oarsmen were needed to sail a trireme?

4.  Why were eyes painted on the front of the boat?

5.  What were the benefits and drawbacks of using a trireme in battle.


After you have completed your research, sketch and annotate an ancient Greek trireme.


I would also like you to research and read about great battles fought at sea between the Greeks and their Persian enemies, particularly 'The Battle of Salamis'.


The following websites will help you.





The Ancient Greek Triremes

The Ancient Greeks dominated the seas using their revolutionary ship: the Triremes. Discover how the Triremes design made it one of the deadliest and most effective sea vessels.

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