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A non-European society that provides contrasts with British history- The Mayan Civilisation c. 900

Man-made or natural disaster-which best explains the disappearance of the Maya around AD900?

Chronological knowledge

  • Say where a period of history fits on a timeline.
  • Place a specific event on a timeline by decade.
  • Place features of historical events and people from past societies and periods in a chronological order.

 Historical Enquiry and Interpretation

  • Is aware of the reliability of information/evidence.
  • Uses artefacts as evidence to describe and make links.
  • Shows an understanding of why there are different accounts/evidence which show different views of history.

Continuity and Change:

  • Makes links between historical periods noting trends and connections in societies.
  • Describes continuity and change throughout a period in history.
  • Explains why they sequenced artefacts to show changes over time.

Cause and Consequence:

Makes links between the causes and behind events and situations.

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