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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 15th June 2020


Using the interactive online clock, count the minutes around the outside. When the minute-hand is pointing to a number, record how many minutes have passed the hour. 



number around the clock       minutes

                 1                                 5

                 2                                10

What do you notice? Will this pattern continue?


Using the online clock, practise reading 5 minute intervals past the hour.


Talk about what you discovered yesterday and practise reading minutes past the hour. Discuss that when the minute hand reaches 6 (or half past) the numbers stop being past the hour and become to the hour. Demonstrate using the online clock and practise reading times past and to the hour.


Use today to practise reading time to 5 minutes and drawing the hands on a clock to tell the time to 5 minutes.


Use today to tackle some reasoning and problem solving time activities. 


White Rose Maths Hub challenge

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