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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 15th June 2020


You will need to use different sentence types in your writing this week so take some time to review functions of sentences and work through some of the questions in this activity pack. 


Well done for writing your Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch story last week! Can you believe that the seagulls have left us this message...

Can you write to them to tell them that it isn't their lunch, it's Mr Grinlings! Remember to include lots of exclamations and commands!

e.g. 'What a dreadful thing to write!'

'Stop stealing Mr Grinling's lunch now!'



Mr Grinling must be so tired running his Lighthouse and fighting off those pesky seagulls everyday. Spend today's lesson researching all of the jobs and responsibilities of Lighthouse Keepers and write a short job description using statements. 



Would you like to be a Lighthouse Keeper? Write a letter to Mr Grinling to tell him if you would like to do his job or not. Remember to explain why using conjunctions to extend your sentences (and, or, but, because, when, if, that)



Grace Darling was a Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter. She became famous after helping her dad to rescue survivors of a shipwreck in 1838. Below is some reading and questions about Grace Darling. The text and questions get harder each time so pick which section you read and answer carefully.


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