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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 1st June 2020


This week, we would have been starting a new text called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'


If you don't have this book at home, there are plenty of versions you can listen to on Youtube. Normally, I would bring in some mustard sandwiches for the children to taste as part of the book share- just for fun!


Take today to listen to the story, discuss what's happening and ask any questions. If you're brave enough to try some mustard sandwiches at home, why don't you write about your experience.



'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' was originally published in 1977! It probably has lots of new words in that you may have talked about with your adult yesterday. Why don't you use today to listen to the story again and pick out the new words. Use a dictionary to find the meaning of some of these words and try using one or two in a sentence.


Today we're going to continue our work on vocabulary and expanded noun phrases. Watch the video of the story or read the book and stop it on the picture of the cottage perched on the cliff. Have a think with your adult about the word perched. What does it mean. What other words could you use? 

Use the text in the worksheet below to create your own description of where Mr and Mrs Grinling live. Get adventurous with your choice of words and use conjunctions and 'with' to add extra detail for the reader.


Every day, Mrs Grinling makes Mr Grinling the most fantastic lunch! Can you create a menu for Mr Grinling? Make sure you include a starter, main, dessert and drink! Draw it out, label it and create a word bank of adjectives to describe the food e.g. crunchy, tasty, delicious, fresh. You'll be using these words tomorrow!



Use the menu and word bank that you created yesterday to design a menu like you would see in a restaurant. Make your menu sound so delicious that Mr Grinling (or the seagulls!) couldn't resist. Remember to use commas in a list if you have more than 2 adjectives! 

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