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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 1st June 2020

This week, you can continue to use the White Rose Hub materials on their website to revise 10 x tables, sharing, grouping and odd numbers or use my resources to begin to learn to read time. In class, we would usually spend 2-3 weeks on time to make sure that we are secure.



Take a look at a clock face and discuss the different hands. Most clocks have a long hand to show the minutes, a short hand to show the hour and a second hand. Stop and watch the second hand move around the clock face, how many seconds are there in a minute? What can you do in one minute? How many star jumps, laps of the garden or bunny hops can you do? 


Can you remember how many seconds are in a minute? Can you look at the clock face to figure out how many minutes are in an hour? 

Use the interactive clock to put the green minute hand on the 12. When the minute hand is on 12, you can use the hour hand to read what hour it is (or o'clock!) Practise finding different o'clocks using the interactive clock and keep checking clocks around your house for when they reach the next hour.


When we read clocks, we also learn to read half past. If you know how many minutes are in an hour, how many minutes are in half and hour? Can you use the interactive clock to find out where the 30th minute is around the clock face? Practise reading various 'half past' times with your adult using the clockface.

The pdf below has 2 worksheets. Use the first sheet today to read the clocks and save the second sheet for tomorrow when you will be drawing the time on clocks.


Today you will be drawing the time on clock faces. This is very important because the minute hand must be exactly on the 12 for o'clock and exactly on the 6 for half past. Where the hour hand sits depends on where the minute hand is.


If it is half past a number and the minute hand is on the 6, the hour hand will be half way past the hour. Use the interactive clock to explore and use the second worksheet on the pdf above to practise drawing o'clock and half past.



Use the White Rose Maths Hub challenge today.

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