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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 27th April 2020


Listen to the story of Meerkat Mail again using Youtube and pay careful attention to the postcards that Sunny sends. Can you write a description of one of the places that Sunny visits? Remember to include commas in a list and expanded noun phrases. Use the powerpoint below to remind yourself what an expanded noun phrase is if you need to.



Today, you are going to be writing a postcard pretending to be Sunny. Use the powerpoint below to give you some ideas and find out what you need to include. There's also a postcard template incase you don't want to make your own.



If Sunny was to come to Liverpool, what do you think he would see? Make a list of all of the pros and cons of visiting Liverpool. You'll be using these tomorrow to write Sunny a letter!



Write a letter to Sunny to ask him to come to Liverpool. Remember to use conjunctions to extend your sentences (and, or, but, if, when, because, that) expanded noun phrases to describe your favourite places and different sentences types (statements, questions, exclamations (starting with how and what e.g. What a fantastic place it is!) and commands)



Can you think of what Sunny might need to bring with him if he comes to Liverpool? You can draw the items and use commas to list them for him.

Other Materials for Home Learning

Alternatively, the Department for Education are continuing to release content on their home learning portal. Lessons are provided from Monday to Friday and last about an hour. The lessons are easy to use and even come with a video. If you want to take part, you can use the link below.

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