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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 29th June 2020


Do you remember The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch story? Well, we're going to write our own called The Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast!

I've written my own opening to the story to help you. I've written in green where I think you can change the idea to turn the opening into your own.

e.g. turning quietly into quickly or cute blue cottage into smart white house

Have a go at writing your own opening using mine to help.


Have a think about the breakfast that Mrs Grinling is going to prepare for Mr Grinling in your story. Draw it out and label it using adjectives.



Can you use your breakfast design and my opening to continue your story by describing what Mrs Grinling would make for Mr Grinling every day?


Today you need to describe exactly what happens to Mr Grinling's breakfast! Does a shark jump out of the water and steal it? Does a crab scuttle in to the basket and gobble it up? Does an octopus creep along and grab it using a tentacle? Draw it out so you know what is happening!



Use what I've written to set the scene for Mr Grinling's breakfast getting stolen and finish it off to tell the reader exactly what happens! Again, you can change what is in green to make the story your own.

We'll finish the story next week!
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