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Home Learning 4th May 2020

From this week, in the lead up to SATs, we would have been reviewing number facts and different ways to problem solve using efficient methods to help us. Most of our activities this week are going to come from the White Rose Maths Hub website that is linked below.


Monday- Fact families and subtraction bonds to 20

Can you remember all of the ways to make 10? Can you write the fact family for each fact?


17 + 3 = 20

3 + 17 = 20

13 + 7 = 20

7 + 13 = 20

20 - 17 = 3

20 - 13 = 7

20 - 7 = 13

20 - 3 = 17

Use the Space Invader game and lesson 1 on the White Rose website to get the activity.


Tuesday- Compare number sentences

We looked at < > = last week as a challenge when comparing length. Can you use the activity on the White Rose website to remind yourself again? Use the greater than and less than activity sheet below for a challenge.


Wednesday- Related facts

Watch the video on the White Rose website and use the activity to practise. There are also activity cards below!


Thursday- Add and subtract ones

Use the White Rose activity to practise and see if you can solve the 'adding ones' problem below.


Friday- VE Day

Use today to celebrate VE Day at home with your family.


Other Materials for Home Learning


Alternatively, the Department for Education are continuing to release content on their home learning portal. Lessons are provided from Monday to Friday and last about an hour. The lessons are easy to use and even come with a video. If you want to take part, you can use the link below. 







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