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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 6th July 2020


Today you will be reasoning and problem solving with millilitres. To start, practise counting forwards and backwards in 5s. Use the splat square to remind yourself of the rules of counting in 5s before having a go at the reasoning and problem solving activity.



Today you will be thinking about Litres. It's important to realise that it's sometimes more efficient to measure in litres rather than millilitres. Can you think of times when you would measure in millilitres and times when you would measure in litres?

Can you find things in your house that are measured in litres? If so, how many litres are in each? Can you order them from smallest to largest? Can you estimate how many litres are in some unlabelled containers and measure them out to see if you are close?



Can you reason and problem solve with litres?


Today, you will be learning how to measure temperature. We use thermometers to measure temperature and we use the units 'degrees centigrade'. When it's warmer, the temperature is higher.

Use the online thermometer to discuss questions such as: what is the scale going up in? how do you know? If the temperature increases, what happens to the number on the scale? What if it decreases? Can we compare temperature using words such as increased, decreased, warmer, colder and difference?


Can you reason and problem solve using temperature?

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