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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 6th July 2020

This week we are going to look at Calligrams. Calligrams are poems in the shape of what they are about and they can be super simple.



Take some time to learn about calligrams and read some with your adult. Try learning one and performing it to a family member in your house. Use a loud voice and lots of expression.


Use one of the short poems from yesterday's powerpoint to create your own calligram. All you have to do is copy one out into the right shape!



Can you colour in your own butterfly and collect phrases and adjectives to describe it? Draw them around the outline to complete your first calligram! 


Can you collect adjectives to describe the pesky seagulls from The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch? Use the online thesaurus to find adventurous words and put them into expanded noun phrases to challenge yourself.


e.g. The naughty seagulls squawk in the sky. Their white feathers blow in the wind.


Can you use your adjectives and expanded noun phrases from yesterday to write your own seagull calligram from The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch?

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