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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 8th June 2020


Review what you learned about o'clock and half past last week using the interactive online clock. Can you answer these reasoning and problem solving questions about time?



Today we are going to begin thinking about quarter past and quarter to. Using the online clock, think about:

Can we divide the clock face into four equal parts? Can we link this to fractions?
If the minute hand is pointing at 3, how many minutes have past the hour? This is the same as quarter past.
If the minute hand is pointing at 9, how many minutes until the next hour? This is the same as quarter to.

Together, practise moving the clock to show quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour.



Can you draw the hands on the clocks to show quarter past and quarter to? If you need to, create the time using the interactive clock first, this will help you to know exactly where the hour hand needs to sit.


Can you reason and problem solve with times including quarter to and past?


White Rose Maths Challenge

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