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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Home Learning 8th June 2020


Well done for writing your fantastic menu last week! Did you find lots of synonyms (words meaning the same thing) using the online thesaurus? Today, you are going to be using Word Hippo again to find more synonyms! 

Tuesday- Wednesday

Can you listen to the story again and create a story map? Use pictures to draw what happens throughout the story. This may take today and tomorrow to complete. To challenge yourself, add key words from yesterday over the top to describe some of the characters or setting. You can add as many key words as you like as long as they aren't full sentences :)


Thursday- Friday

Can you use your story map to write your own version of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch?' Remember to include capital letters, full stops, adjectives and commas in a list. You may also want to include commands, exclamations and questions and words with suffixes, including adverbs. Use Word Hippo to check spellings and improve your adjectives. Don't forget to use fresh eyes to proof read and edit your story and then share your story once it is finished!

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