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St William of York Catholic Primary School


This week we are going to be looking at information texts and then poetry.  Linking to our science topic this week we will be learning all about Garden Birds!  Whilst being at home it is the perfect opportunity for you to learn all about beautiful garden birds!  I wonder how many garden birds you can already name?  The latest studies say children can recognise more Pokemon characters than birds!! Whilst we all love Pokemon, it would be sad if we couldn't name the most common garden birds wouldn't it? 

To begin with we are going to do a quiz, just to see how many common garden birds we already know. We will then read an information book, which will tell us some interesting facts about some of the most popular garden birds.  We are then going to plan and write a shape poem about our favourite garden bird.  Finally we will have another quiz at the end to see how much we have learnt.


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