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Monday 5th October 2020


A poem for Jub


Hello children, you should have completed your similes homework.smiley

We would now like you to compose a poem, using similes like we did for the old woman on the character of Jub. 

Each line should should begin using the example below. 

Her scarf is like a multi-coloured lollipop

Her sack is like.......


We look forward to hearing your poems when we return to school smiley

Tuesday 6th October 2020


Following on from our similes work in class, please complete this worksheet. 

Be as original and inventive as you can! smiley


Wednesday 7th October 2020

Today we would like you to compose a poem about the White Witch. Click on the document below to give you some guidelines and images of the White Witch.

Enjoy ! smiley

Thursday 8th October 2020


Simile- When something is 'like' or 'as' .

eg. The flower was  sweet like honey.  The flower was as sweet as honey. 


Today we are going to look at Metaphors.

Metaphor - When the object becomes what it is being compared to .

eg- He was a roaring lion. ( He wasn't like a roaring lion, or roaring as loud as a lion).


Some more metaphors for you to look at.

His ears were cauliflowers.

It was raining cats and dogs.


Have a good look at the powerpoint below, please complete the activities 1 slide per day.

Thursday 8th October - Complete day 1 

Friday 9th October - Complete day 2 

Monday12th October - Complete day 3 

Tuesday 13th October  - Complete day 4 

If you would like to, you could always complete day 5 yes.

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