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St William of York Catholic Primary School


Writing units.


The Promise:  Nicola Davies.


For the remainder of the spring term, year five will be exploring the theme of preservation through the picture book 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies as part of a whole school project tackling environmental issues.


Unit outcome

Create a narrative around the theme of maintaining or developing our environment - include the idea of 'a promise.'

The children will also complete a range of 'incidental' writing during the course of the unit.



Revisit relative clauses.

Manipulate clauses within a sentence to create complex sentences.

Revisit dialogue rules in terms of organisation and punctuation.

Distinguish between a simile and a metaphor and create our own selecting appropriate language to create effective imagery.



The Great Kapok Tree:  Lynne Cherry.


Extending the theme of conservation, we will then explore important messages presented in 'The Great Kapok Tree' written by Lynne Cherry.


Unit outcome

Continuation of the text as narrator.

The children will also complete a range of 'incidental' writing tasks during the course of our unit.



Use of parenthesis within a text.

Develop understanding of complex sentences and apply into our own writing.

Revisit main and subordinate clauses manipulating them for a desired effect.

Explore a range of cohesive devices.



Deforestation:  A non chronological report.


After analysing the features of a range of non chronological texts, year five will produce their own around the theme of 'Deforestation' to inform a chosen audience.


Unit outcome:

To produce a non chronological report - for a specific audience - using taught text and layout features.



To write adhering to taught layout features.

Use an appropriate level of formality in our writing.

Explore cohesive devices.

Extend sentences in a variety of ways to ensure sufficient detail is provided.





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