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This week we will be learning about halving numbers. In year one we mainly focus around numbers 0-20, but we may also learn to divide specific large numbers (for example, a child might be able to tell you that half of 100 is 50, or that half of 200 is 100).


The best way to show children halving, is to actually give them an even number of objects (for example: sweets, pasta shapes or counters). Ask them to divide the group into two groups of the same number. They may not be sure of how to do this, so you may need to draw two big circles on a piece of paper and show them how to share the objects, one by one, into the two circles.


In Year 1, children also learn to find quarters of shapes or sets of objects. You can help your child with this by giving them various shapes (circle, rectangle and square) and asking them to divide them into quarters and then colour one quarter. Use mealtimes as an opportunity to practise recognising halves and quarters, too.


Could you get them to divide a pizza or cake into quarters and then give one quarter to someone? Remember to point out that one quarter is 'one piece out of four' and is written like this: 1/4.


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