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This week we will be continuing with learning to tell the time.  We will be beginning with o'clock times and then moving on to half past.  Watch the videos to introduce you to o'clock and half past and then have a go at the activities.

How to Tell the Time - Educational Video for Kids

Help your child learn how to tell the time with our fun, educational video! The clear explanation of how the hour and minute hands work will make it easy for...

Hip-Hop Around the Clock | Learn How to Tell Time | Jack Hartmann

This is a song about telling time by the hour. Hip Hop Around the clock and tell the time by the hour. LYRICS: Hip-Hop Around the Clock Hip-Hop Around the Cl...

Telling the Time for Kids: O'Clock Times

Learn how to read analog and digital clocks with this video! You will learn where the minute hand goes and how to tell what time it is by looking at the hour...

Telling the Time for Kids: Half Past Times

In our first video, we went through reading o'clock times. Now we are moving onto telling the time: Half Past Times! What does half past even mean? Where doe...

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