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This week in maths we were going to explore capacity.  Here is a helpful video on BBC bitesize that will introduce your child to capacity:


Here are some helpful videos on YouTube:


NumberJacks -

Children should be introduced to volume and capacity, where capacity describes how much a container can hold altogether and volume describes how much is actually in the container. Children use the terms ‘full’, ‘nearly full’, ‘half full’, ‘nearly empty’ or ‘empty’ to compare volume.

You could give your child a variety of containers and allow them to explore which one holds the most/least water.  They could order them according to capacity.

You could have three containers that contain the same capacity but different volumes e.g. one full, one half full and one a quarter full and ask your child to order them according to volume from empty to full.

Practical activities are always best for exploring and learning about volume and capacity however I have attached some worksheets for consolidation purposes.


We always count daily in year one – up to 100, starting from different numbers, counting forwards and backwards.  We use the splat square to help us to recognise the numbers as we count along:

Here are some of our favourite counting songs:

Count to 100 -

Big numbers song -

Counting in 2s -

Counting in 5s -

Counting in 10s -

zero zero superhero -

Number bonds to 10 -

Number bonds game -

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