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Olympian Gods and Goddesses.

The Ancient Greeks believed that gods and goddesses could influence their lives, they prayed to gods before a journey, before combat and before a harvest.  The Greeks felt that disobeying or disrespecting a god or goddess would result in misfortune, they also believed that gods and goddesses would often leave Mount Olympus - where they lived - and involve themselves in the lives of ordinary people, if they felt it was necessary.  The Ancient Greeks also used myths to explain natural phenomena, for example night and day and seasonal change, I will be adding some of these stories into a folder for you to read.  Follow the links below to find out a little more about the twelve Olympians.


What Is A Myth? | Exploring Greek Mythology

To kick off our Six Part Greek Mythology Series, we start by learning who the main Greek Gods and Goddesses are. As we see different interpretations of these...

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