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Phonics and Reading:


You will find lots of useful information on Ruth Miskin website:

Read, Write, Inc (which is what we use in school) are doing daily speed sound lessons on youtube.


Year one children should be doing set 3 sounds, however it would be helpful for them to practise the set 2 sounds also. Set 2 sounds lesson is available from 10 and is followed by a spelling lesson at 10:15 using words with the daily sound in.  These videos are only available for 24 hours and each day they practise a new sound.  I would highly recommend using these videos - your child will be familiar with the routine and structure and all you will need is paper and a pencil.  


Or if you don't have access to the internet (and are feeling brave) you can try and deliver it yourself...


Phonics – example phonics session at home (30 mins max):


You will need:

RWI sounds (pack that went home or find attached, or power point attached)

paper (can use book that went home)



Begin by practising the sounds with your child.  There are lots of them and we usually only practise set 2 and set 3 sounds daily.  Your child should be able to read these at speed. 

Then choose one of the sounds (I would concentrate on one that they struggled to remember), for example ‘aw’.  Ask your child to write the ‘aw’ sound at the top of their paper.  You are then going to give them a word at a time to write containing this sound.  Before they write the word they have to count the sounds in it.  At school they are used to this method:

Teacher: “fingers set” 

Children: “you bet” (children hold up their fingers hidden behind their other hand)

Teacher: “The word we are going to write is dawn, count the sounds in dawn” (children count the sounds in the word by mouthing d-aw-n and have 3 fingers ready to show).

Teacher: “fingers” (children hold up the number of sounds they think are in the word dawn)

We then pinch the sounds and say them as we do – “d-aw-n” - then the children write that one word, underlining the special friend ‘aw’.  When they have finished the teacher writes the word on the board and the children ‘tick or fix’ their word. 

We then repeat this process for 3 or 4 more words (no more than 5). 

After we have written single words we then move on to ‘Hold a sentence’ e.g.

‘I will yawn at dawn.’  

We will all say the sentence over and over until we can remember it – we have actions to remember capital letters and full stops.  Once the children can confidently remember the sentence I will model writing it first on the board, pointing out and underlining the special friends.  They then have 10 seconds to look at mine before it is hidden from them.  They then write the sentence independently.  When they have written the sentence, they ‘tick and fix’.

If you are stuck for words and sentences – I have complied a word document with words and sentences for each sound. You will find it on the main page.  You could consolidate this learning with an alphablocks video for the sound you have practised – just search that sound on YouTube:

There are lots of games on phonics play that our children love to play and currently they are free to use:



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