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Our reading curriculum.


Whole Class reading lessons.


During the spring term, our class novel is 'Running wild,' which was written by Michael Morpurgo.  We have chosen this text as it explores the devastating effect deforestation and illegal logging have in a bid to produce palm oil. Although the story is set in Indonesia, it contains strong links to our overall curriculum. 


Year five have a daily reading lesson and our class text is used on a Monday and a Friday to develop skills such as prediction,  summarising and activities or tasks which require us to comment upon how a character may change over the course of a whole text.

During Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's whole class reading lessons, we explore a 'theme' through carefully chosen texts which link to our curriculum.  An example of this would be analysing a range of poetry - in terms of poetic devices - where we introduce and revisit the language associated with poetry using poems such as 'The river' by Valerie Bloom.  We will also be looking at a range of non fiction texts - for example exploring the habitats of Orangutans and their plight- which supports the wider curriculum.  During these sessions, we discuss the meaning of unfamiliar language, develop skills of retrieval and inference and practice summarising new information.


Reading books.


The children in year five will continue to access fiction and non fiction books from our school scheme 'Oxford Reading Tree'.

When we feel it is appropriate, the children move onto reading a range of novels - both contemporary and classics -  and generally remain in 'reading groups.'  When the children have completed the provided text, they will have free choice from our class library until all members of their group have completed their selected text, a new novel will then be introduced.  Please find some of the titles below which form our guided novel texts.


It is really important that your children bring their reading books to school every day.  Please try and share your child's reading book with them at least three times a week at home.  Even if your child is a competent reader, please share their home reading experiences with them as often unfamiliar vocabulary is a feature of more challenging texts and they may need your support to determine meaning.


Parents often ask me for recommendations, in terms of suitable reading books, for their children.  Please find below links to various websites which provide examples of age appropriate books - both classic and contemporary - which your children may enjoy reading.



Year five guided reading novels.

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