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St William of York Catholic Primary School


Domestic Church


What makes a house a home?

  • A focus on life as a gift, myself as a unique and loved creation, the creative love and care that can be expressed in family groups.


Baptism/ Confirmation


Why make promises?

  • A focus on the call to belong, the creative potential that belonging develops; and Baptism and Confirmation, sacraments of the gift of God’s life and friendship.


Advent/ Christmas


Are visitors always welcome?

  • A focus on the capacity for entering into loving relationships and the perfect gift and revelation of God’s love, Jesus, born of Mary, born as one of us.


Other Faith





Social and Emotional- To describe and give reasons how friendships make us feel happy and safe.

Physical- To describe and give reasons why friendships can break down, how they can be repaired and strengthened.

Spiritual- To celebrate the joy and happiness of living in friendship with God and others.

  • Our Mission Statement
  • Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • To go forward in Christ, to respect our neighbour and to always give our best.