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Science – The Human Body


This term we have been learning all about the human body.  We have been labelling our body parts and have moved on to exploring our senses.  I have included a consolidation sheet about labelling body parts.  We have already explored the senses sight and touch and this week we were going to be exploring smell. 


Here are some videos introducing the sense:


We were going to have pots with a variety of things inside for the children to smell and try to identify what was inside.  The pots were going to contain – coffee, lemon juice, vinegar cinnamon, garlic, banana, mint and shower gel.  I appreciate this may not be possible or responsible to recreate this activity during this time however I wanted to share what we would have done in school and only small amounts of each thing are needed.


I have attached the sheet that they would have completed.  The pots would have been numbered and the children would have to smell each one, identify the smell and write the correct number on the sheet.


Here is a great app that will support this topic – The Human Body:


The human body app -


Here is a TV episode that your child may enjoy watching:


Here are some songs about our senses:


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