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Science – The Human Body


This term we have been learning all about the human body.  We have been labelling our body parts and have moved on to exploring our senses.  I have included a consolidation sheet about labelling body parts.  We have already explored the senses sight and touch and this week we were going to be exploring taste


Here is a videos introducing the sense:


We were going to have pots with a variety of different foods for the children to taste.  The children would have to identify the food and think of an adjective to describe the food.


I have attached the sheet that they would have completed.  The children would have to think of an adjective that best describes the taste of each food.


Here is a great app that will support this topic – The Human Body:


The human body app -


Here is a video about confusing your senses that your child may enjoy watching:


Here are some songs about our senses:



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