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As our Literacy text this half term would have been 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch', we would have been learning all about the seaside!


Here are some resources to help you at home. I'll add a new lesson each week!



As our Literacy text this half term is Meerkat Mail, we would have been thinking about deserts and the Kalahari Desert.


Here are some ideas to help you work on your own Kalahari project at home: 


Locate the Kalahari on a globe or Google Earth. 

Research the weather in the Kalahari.

Research different deserts around the world.

Find interesting facts and write your own fact file.

Remind yourself of the continents and oceans of the world.

Research the animals that live there and how they are adapted to living there.

Research the plant life and how they are adapted to living there.

Compare the Kalahari to a cold place like the South Pole.

Research the people who live in the Kalahari.

Answer the question: would you rather live in the Kalahari desert or Liverpool?

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