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Visit Our Nursery!

We have loved playing with our Giant Toppling Tower! Our hand eye coordination was very important and we are learning how to make sets of three! We laughed a lot when the tower toppled over!

Meeting Giant African Snails in Nursery! 🐌

Red Nose Day 2021! ❤️

Red Nose Day 2021!❤️

Mrs Lawson's cat, Saffie is enjoying World Book Day too!

Celebrating World Book Day!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all keeping well? Remember to collect an activity pack from the main school office and have a look at Seesaw for activities and links.


I am attaching a link for NHS toilet training if anyone needs some advice during this current lockdown period.


Every Friday, there will be new activities for the following week posted on Seesaw and new home learning packs will be available every Monday.

Take care of yourselves and hopefully we will see you all soon. x

Good afternoon!


There are paper packs of activities in the main school office, should you wish to collect them.

There is a pack for our two year olds, one for our Nursery One children and one for our Nursery Two children. The packs for Nursery One and Nursery Two children will change weekly. The pack for two year olds is a 'stand alone' pack.


Many thanks,

Eve Lawson

Dear Children and Families,


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. As you are aware, Nursery is closed except for the children of Key Workers and Vulnerable Children.

From Monday 11th January, you will continue to be able to access remote learning via your SeeSaw code. This will mirror some of what is being taught in Nursery that week. I will also provide weekly packs of paper copies, which will be available from the office.

Please continue to read with your child, practice putting on their coats and writing their name at home.

I will be available  via telephone or email and I will be aiming to contact everyone next week.


Take care of each other and be safe at home.


Eve Lawson x

A little treat from the children who wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas...

Little Donkey - Nursery

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Little Donkey - Nursery & Reception

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Afternoon Christmas Jumper Day!

Morning Nursery Christmas Jumper Day!

Morning Nursery Party Day!


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Morning Nursery Party Day!

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Afternoon Party Day!

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Afternoon Christmas Party Day!

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Afternoon Christmas Party Day!

Our Wormery! We know that worms have no eyes and no lungs. They breathe through their skin and the hairs on their bodies help them to wriggle. When they move about in the soil, they make compost which helps the plants to grow.

We have been reading ‘Superworm!’ We made our own wormery. We are excited to see what the worms do!

 Dear Children and Families,


From 16.11.20 I will be putting Home Learning on line for you to access should you be self isolating. The learning will mirror some of our activities that we will be taking place in Nursery that week.

To access this Home Learning, please go online

You will need to use the QR code which your child has taken home. The class is called Eve Lawson's Class..

Please bear with me should there be any difficulties! This is a learning curve for me!


Thank you.

Eve Lawson

Children in Need Day!

Children in Need Day!

We have been reading Avocado Baby by John Burningham. We liked handling the avocado and we were amazed at the large seed inside! We all had a taste but we were not very keen on it!

The Birthday Girls!

More hot chocolate and cakes!

We have enjoyed hot chocolate and cakes this week!

Chocolate apples with sprinkles!

Hot chocolate and cakes for sale!

We have enjoyed singing outside! Dingle Dangle Scarecrow!

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Wet Scarecrows!

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We will be starting our Phonics after half term, so please check the window for our sounds of the week!


We have also been using 'Numberblocks' on 'Cbeebies' to help with our number knowledge- have a look and listen to the songs at home. I will display the numbers of the week in our window.

We have made Autumn Leaf Orange Biscuits today!

Welcome! and Welcome back!

Good morning everyone!


From Monday 15th June, there will be some 'Activity Packs' for Nursery children. They will be in the main school office, if you would like to collect one.


Take care,


Mrs Lawson.x

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and safe. It was so lovely to hear about you all learning lots of skills at home. Some of you can now write your names and ride bikes! I am very impressed! Congratulations to our new big brothers and sisters too!


Please make sure you enjoy a story everyday, count and sing some Nursery Rhymes.


For the children returning on 22nd June, Nursery will look a little bit different but we will continue to work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and safe.


If your child is about to start Reception in September, please be assured that I am working with the teachers in your new schools to support Transition. The children who will be attending St William of York will have enhanced support in September, so please do not worry. We will be there to help and support your child.


Missing you all.

Take care and see you all soon. 


Mrs Lawson and Everyone in your Nursery Team. xxxxx

Those of us who have been in school the last few weeks have made 'Peace Doves'. They are cut out doves with messages of peace, hope and love on. 


Some of our doves have messages of love and thanks for our NHS workers and key workers.


As doves are the sign of the Holy Spirit, why don't you create a dove at home? Bring it into school when we're back and we'll see if we have enough to create a display. 


There are lots of ideas on pinterest!

Here are some nursery rhymes to sing at home!

How to make a zig zag book

Use this link for resources for your child. Just simply sign up (it's free) and go to EYFS for different activities. Have fun!! 

Some Home Learning for you! Stay safe everyone!

Come and See RE Home Learning

Teacher’s notes:

This basic playdough recipe offers parent helpers or teaching assistants a pictorial guide and tips for working with a small group of children.

Playdough recipe:

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 cups boiling water (to be handled by an adult)
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 teaspoons cream of tartar
  • Food colouring/flavourings/glitter etc.


  1. Mix the dry ingredients together.
  2. Add the wet ingredients. An adult should pour in the boiling water and mix the mixture until warm (not hot) to the touch. The adult can supervise children as they continue mixing.
  3. Add any chosen flavours/ colours/ textures then knead thoroughly.

Tips on how to use this recipe with small children:

  • Please encourage children to be as independent as possible during the process of making playdough, from collecting equipment to tidying up (with the exception of the boiling water). We all make, and learn from, mistakes! Messes can be cleaned and mixtures can be restarted if necessary!
  • When reading the recipe, point at the words as you read them.
  • When looking at the ingredients, ask children to count how many cups/spoons etc. by pointing at each picture/item and saying the numbers.
  • Use comparison questions such as: Which is bigger? We need the biggest bowl to mix in, which one will we choose?  I wonder which spoon holds more? Is there more flour or salt in this recipe?
  • During the process, recap the steps with children using language such as: ‘First we...’, ‘Then we...’. Encourage children to do this too.
  • Discuss the changes in state of the ingredients as they are mixing together. Which ingredients are dry? Which ingredients are wet? When dealing with boiling water, discuss with children why this is an ‘adults only’ job.
  • While the mix is cooling children can decide which colouring/scent/texture they would like in the playdough. Take time to smell/feel them all to compare!
  • Discuss the changes in state of the ingredients as they are mixing together. Encourage them to use descriptive words such as “dry”, “sticky”, “runny”.
  • Encourage turn taking and good manners.
  • Have fun!

Miss Polly had a Dolly!

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5 Currant Buns

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The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr

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Tiger part 2

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Tiger part 3

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Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

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Peace at Last Part 2

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Hello! From Mrs Lawson!

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Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe at home.

If you want some ideas as to what to do at home- I have made a little list below.

Parents, if you say “All set?” Your child should respond- “You bet!!”


Practice putting on your own coat and taking it off.

Can you fasten your own shoes?

Can you do laces?

Are you washing your hands in the correct way?

Make sure you share a story every day!

Keep on trying to write your name.

When you go outside; run, jump, skip, hop, ride a bike or scooter and use your arms and legs.

Try to hold your pencil correctly.

Maybe have a look at the photographs on our class page to see your friends- can you remember their names?!

Take care and I hope to see you all very soon.


Mrs Lawson xxx

Dear All,

As families are now self-isolating, we have put together some useful resources for home learning.

Please see below for links and guidance.

We will update again in the near future but in the meantime, we wish you all well.

Kind regards,

Eve Lawson, Debbie Stanistreet, Fiona Gadie, Holly Moran and Rachel Smith Evans

Welcome to our Nursery!

Nursery Staff


Eve Lawson- Nursery Teacher and Early Years Coordinator

Debbie Stanistreet, Rachel Smith Evans and Holly Moran- Early Years Teaching Assistants

 Fiona Gadie - Two Year Old Provision Teaching Assistant



08.45am -11.30 (11.45am)

12.15pm-3.00pm (3.15pm)


Our direct learning and teaching starts promptly at the start of each session - please ensure that your child arrives on time.


(We open our doors at the end of each session, earlier to enable a safe, calm environment in which to say goodbye to all children. This is also an opportunity for you to speak to any member of our Nursery Team)

Contact Eve Lawson- Nursery Teacher and Early Years Leader on :

St William of York Catholic Primary School is committed to the highest possible quality of education and childcare in our Early Years Foundation Stage. We understand that all children learn and develop at different times. Our duty is to cater for children’s individual needs, enabling every child to reach their full potential and to ensure lifelong learning.

Our Nursery and Reception classes have a ‘home from home’ feel. Children are encouraged to become independent learners, both within the curriculum and for life skills. We offer a variety of experiences and every day is exciting and challenging!

We respect and understand that parents are children’s earliest and lifelong educators. By creating a partnership between staff and families, we endeavour to fulfil every child’s potential. Staff expertise in child development and an understanding of parent’s knowledge of their own child creates an environment where children’s learning can be nurtured to its full potential, enabling confident young learners.


Celebrating Chinese New Year with our Dragon Dance!

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Other Faiths Week -Sikhism

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Other Faiths Week -Sikhism

Making snowmen biscuits!

Morning Party Day!

Tasting festive Yule log!

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Christmas Jumper Day!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Celebrating Children in Need!

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow!

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Pumpkin Fun in Nursery!

Our new hamster has a name!

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National Mental Health Awareness Week. We have been practicing yoga and enjoying fun times with Mrs Lawson’s kittens!!!!

Halle Day in Nursery. We wore bright colours and made 🌈 rainbows. We also had a dance and had disco lights.

Afternoon Nursery Halle Day

A disco for Halle.

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