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Home Learning 20th April 2020

This week, we would have been learning about position and direction. Below are some activities to keep you busy this week with your learning. 



Can you use the powerpoint below to help you describe movement? 



Can you investigate half, quarter and three quarter turns? Use the turning man to help you 



Use the turning man from yesterday to investigate clockwise and anti clockwise. Why not give instructions to a family member using the vocabulary you've learned so far? (left, right, forwards, backwards, clockwise, anti- clockwise) Don't forget to tell them how many steps to take each time.


E.g. Take 5 steps to the right. Do a half turn clockwise. Take 2 steps backwards. 



Use the turning shapes activity or page 6 of the pirate activity (if you want a challenge!) to practise using your new vocabulary. You could replicate the shape activity using items around your house. 



Can you investigate this statement?


If two objects turn in different directions, they will not be facing the same way.

Is it sometimes, always or never true?

Don't forget about your arithmetic practise :)

Other Materials for Home Learning

Alternatively, the Department for Education have this week released a home learning portal. Lessons are provided from Monday to Friday and last about an hour. The lessons are easy to use and even come with a video. If you want to take part, you can use the link below.


This week, they are helping you to identify shapes by the number of sides and vertices, identify right angles in shapes, recognise lines of symmetry within 2D shapes, name and describe 3D shapes and identify 2D shapes on the faces of 3D shapes. In class, we have already covered these objectives but you may want to use them as extra practise. If I was to recommend a lesson to take part in, it would be Tuesday's on finding right angles of shapes as it's something we could do with having extra practise at.



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