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St William of York Catholic Primary School

What is a computer?

In this unit children will learn about the different parts of a computer and ipad.   They will be introduced to the terms 'hardware' and 'software' and will be able to tell the difference between the two and sort them into two groups.

They will learn how to take a good quality photograph and video using an ipad.

They will learn how to scan QR codes, upload photographs and videos and create voice notes to annotate their work. 

They will learn how to collect and store data.

They will learn how to organise, edit and store their digital work.

They will learn about algorithms and how to follow a simple algorithm and create a simple symbol algorithm that will solve problems.  

They will design their own computer game.

They will learn about how to communicate politely on the internet via google classroom and seesaw app.

They will learn how to programme and use a beebot.

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