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Would you rather live in the UK or Kenya?

This term we are learning all about the continent of Africa and more specifically, Kenya. We will be revising the four countries of the UK and that the UK is made up of islands. We will be learning to recognise the outline of UK on an atlas and a globe and where the U.K. is and where Liverpool and the river Mersey is on the map of the UK, where all the capital cities are on a map of the UK. We will also look at a map of our local area and its physical and human features.


We will learn that  Africa is a continent and we will learn to identify some countries within Africa. We will look at where Kenya is in the world and we will identify its key landscape features and significant settlements. We will explore game reserves and national parks and learn about that the climate is hot and different from the UK. We will identify similarities and differences between the UK and Africa and explore the Maasai people


Key Vocabulary

Uk, capital city, islands, seas, settlements, homes roads

border, map, Digi-maps, key, zoom in, Africa, continent, hot, humid, dry, vegetation, game reserve, national park


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