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Welcome to year five!


Welcome to the year five class page.  I would like to draw your attention to some ongoing important information that will ensure your children are organised and prepared for the year five curriculum.  There will always be a member of the year five team present in our classroom, both before and after school, for quick messages or notices however if you have a concern which you need to speak to us about please make an appointment through the school office and we will do our best to be available at a mutually convenient time.  Members of the Year five team are:


J Gill (Class teacher).

C Parkinson  (Classroom teaching assistant).

H Murray  (1:1 support).

Mrs Rawnsley (teaches year five every Tuesday morning).


Over the next few days, I will be providing you with lots of information, in terms of curriculum content, which will be taught to your child during the Spring term.  Detailed information will be provided in the curriculum links below.


In terms of classroom routines and general information, please note:


Morning registration.


The Year five classroom door will be opened at 8.40am and a member of staff will be present to supervise and ensure your child is safe until formal schooling begins at 9.00am.  Generally, the children will read or practice spellings during this time so please ensure that your child brings their reading book to school on a daily basis.  Please remember, breakfast club is open daily and available to all children so if you have to bring your child to school earlier than 8.40am, please access breakfast club from the junior playground.


End of the school day.


Please wait outside the classroom door at the end of the school day.  Always ensure that you contact the school office if your child is going home with another adult - or another child in the class - as safeguarding procedure require this instruction.  If at any point in the school year you make the decision to allow your child to walk home alone, please contact the school office or a member of the year five team.


Water bottles.


Please ensure that your child brings to school a water bottle for them to drink from during the day.  Please do not send your child with juice in their class water bottles as this can often make the children thirsty and as a school we encourage healthy choices.  Fruit drinks and cordials are permitted for packed lunches.




Please label your child's school uniform as it makes it very difficult for us to identify lost items.  When playing games, the children will often take their jumpers and cardigans off and leave them on the yard which can result in staff spending a long time tracking belongings  down.




During the spring term, year five will have their PE lesson on a Monday which will be delivered by Miss Heffey; this term we will be playing basketball.  Could you ensure that your child is wearing their school P.E kit when they arrive in school and please note that whenever possible P.E will be taught outside so extra layers - such as black leggings or jogging trousers - may be worn.


Book bags.


I encourage you to purchase a book bag from the school office as they are extremely useful for keeping reading books and homework safe and organised (especially when extra worksheets are sent home).  




The children are given a piece of English and Maths homework plus Spellings and a Times Tables booklet every Friday and we ask for completed homework to be returned to school for the following Wednesday, at the latest, giving staff sufficient time to mark them prior to  homework being given out again.  We will try our best to mark any late homework but this is not always possible.


Reading books.


Reading books MUST be brought into school every day as extra guided reading support will be provided when the opportunity arises.  Please try and listen to your child read as often as possible; the children have a target for three parent or guardian signatures in their home school reading books per week.  Please note, we also provide a reading club during Friday lunchtime to provide further support.




The children in Year Five receive an hour of chess instruction per week.  As well as encouraging the children to think strategically, the game requires sustained concentration and discipline. 



Thank you for your anticipated support.



Year Five spring curriculum.


All things Brazilian is our theme for the Spring Term.  Focusing upon the Amazonian Rainforest, the children will be introduced to the diverse geographical features of of such a vibrant country.  Much of our wider curriculum will focus upon extending and enriching the children's knowledge and understanding of this unique landscape as we contrast the richness of the rainforest through texts such as 'The Great Kapok Tree' and reflect upon the devastation being caused through illegal deforestation.  Our DT theme is combining materials (science link) as the children will design garments fit for a trek through the forest.  Finally, our class text is 'Running wild'  - Michael Morpurgo - which explores the destruction caused when farming and producing palm oil.


Please see the links below for further detail.

Year Five gallery.

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