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Year 5

Year 5!

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Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teacher - Ms Gill
Teaching Assistant - Miss Brownbill



Welcome back to the final half term of Year Five where we will be immersing ourselves in all things Greek; their literature, culture and every day life, along with how their many Gods and Goddesses shaped belief systems.

As well as considering the importance and relevance of sources of evidences, we will reflect upon this intriguing civilistaion influences the world in which we live today. 



Literacy and numeracy homework will be given out every Friday with the expectation that it is completed and returned to school for the following Wednesday.  Homework is usually based upon class based tasks thus keeping you informed of  what your child has been learning that week.  

Please ensure that your child has their reading book in school with them everyday as we progress with our 'accelerated reader' programme.  

Swimming- Year 5 will go swimming each Wednesday. Can you please ensure that swimming kits and caps are in school on this day. 


Topics for Summer Term 2018

Religious Education


Pentecost- Serving - Transformation

Freedom and Responsibility





Class novel - The Adventures of Odysseus


Myths and Legends 

After reading a narrative version of the epic poem 'The Odyssey', we will be planning our own adventures for our hero Odysseus. Using genre features and models to support us, Odysseus will venture into new, unknown territory with fantastical beasts waiting for him. 


Non Chronological reports

After creating our monstrous beasts, we will detail their features including, habitat, diet, life cycle and appearance


During all units, the following basic skills will be taught and applied -


Create and punctuate complex sentences using - Ing openers, ed openers, simile openers.

Demonstrate complex sentences using commas in order to clarify meaning.

Use devices to build cohesion within a paragraph.

Use expanded noun phrases to to convey complicated information concisely

Blend action, dialogue and description within and across paragraphs

Use suffixes -ate, -ise, -ify to convert nouns and adjectives into verbs

Investigate verb prefixes, eg dis-, de-, re-, pre-, mis-, over-...

Develop skills of planning, drafting and writing plus evaluating and editing - see KLIPS document





                     Geometry - properties of shape                 

Children will know angles are measured in degrees; estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles.

Draw given angles and measure them in degrees,

Identify: angles at a point and one whole turn, angles at a point on a straight line and 1/2 turn , other multiples of 90 degrees.

Identify 3D shapes, including cubes and other  cuboids, from 2D representations.

Use the properties of rectangles to deduce related facts and find missing lengths and angles. 

Distinguish between regular and irregular polygons based on reasoning about equal sides and angles. 


Within geometry, children will then move on to exploring position and direction, and to finish off the year, measurement.




What can we learn about the Greek civilisation through sources of evidence? 

How has the Greek civilisation shaped our lives today? 




'Code Breakers'

The children will learn how to use apps to decipher binary codes.


Design Technology 


Children will make a piece of head-wear, which will offer protection whilst being multi-functional, for a trek through the rainforest.





Style: Hip Hop

Performance focus: Fresh Prince of Bel Air 


Physical Education

Swimming - The children will swim each Wednesday Afternoon 




Living things and their habitats: animals including humans

Pupils will describe differences in the life cycle of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. The children will be able to describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. 



Papier mache urns 

After understanding the varied purpose of Greek Urns and containers, children will design an urn, fit for purpose, using papier mache. The children will use their knowledge  of the period to decorate the urn appropriately.





Towns and countries 

Maps and direction 




Year Five and Year One shared reading afternoon

Holy Family Taster Day

Year Five Scientists at work

Deep in conversation about the perils of Odysseus!

Year Five practicing using the eight points of the compass to navigate to given points on the field.

Year Five Scientists investigating different materials and their properties

PJ day in aid of CAFOD

We investigated thermal conductors and insulators

Lazy Afternoon poetry performance

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Year five learned the poem by heart and chose the actions to go along with the words.

World book day in Year 5 everyone looked fantastic in their costumes !

Latin dance

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We are beginning to learn a Samba dance and we have been practicing basic ‘latino’steps. Take a look - we have really begun to find our rhythm,
As part of our computing topic we  worked in groups to produce a play script about deforestation. We took the roles of the interviewer, a member of the Yanomami tribe and a representative of the logging industry. We presented our videos and edited the footage.

Christmas Salsa!

As part of Anti-Bullying week, Year 5 took part in the Bully Buster assembly and learned all about being kind to one another, how to treat others equally and what to do if somebody is being bullied.

In science, during their forces topic, Year Five have been measuring the weight of objects using a Newton-meter

We have been working on our William Morris Prints

Our trip to Quarrybank Mil

Chest and bounce passes in action

Cake and Shake at Break!

We created our own models showing the orbit of the moon around the Earth, and the Earth around the Sun.

ICT and Computing feature a big part of our curriculum this year

Y5 Curriculum Overview

Journey in Love

  • Our Mission Statement
  • Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • To go forward in Christ, to respect our neighbour and to always give our best.