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Hi Year 6,

Work has been added into the maths and PSHE folders for the final week of term - I believe that the high schools may have sent you some work to keep you busy too! Remember to have a look at the White Rose Maths, Bitesize, Oak Academy and Robin Hood Academy sites for further lessons. 

As this is the final update to our page before the end of term, I wanted to tell you all that we've really enjoyed every minute working with you and we're sad that our time was cut short. You are all fabulous children who are more than ready for your move up to high school and we will continue to miss you immensely - you really were a fantastic bunch to teach and get to know and we're all very proud of you and the young individuals that you are. 

Enjoy your summer holidays and take care of yourselves. We'll keep you posted of when we can all get together again - hopefully in the Autumn Term. 

Good Luck and grab all the opportunities that high school has to offer!

Mrs Nevin  and all at SWOY xx heart


To all our Year 6's we will miss you,

We wish you well in all that you do.

Your educational journey has been lots of fun,

You've played in the rain and danced in the sun.


We hope you leave us with memories a-plenty,

That you'll still remember us when you're as old as 20!

All of the staff have enjoyed teaching you,

Please think of us if you ever feel blue. 


Sadly your year didn't finish that great, 

We never knew a lock down would be our fate.

But you survived because you are strong,

With our school values you cannot go wrong.


So good luck to you all as you leave us this year,

And please remember that we're always here.

Do your best in all we believe,

Please have faith, we know you'll achieve. 


With lots of love from everyone at St William of York

Hello once again!

The folders below have been updated for the week beginning 6th July. You’ll find interesting additions in the art folder, along with updates in other subjects. Eedi will be running an online maths summer school – parents may have received a text about this already. The link for Eedi is in with the maths for this week. There is also a reminder link for Oak Academy resources, as recommended by the DfE, in the ‘mixed packs’ folder.

There is plenty of work to keep you busy up until the end of the term but check back again next week for final updates.

Miss you all! smiley

Monday 29th June

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing OK - we're still missing you very much. The folders below have been updated with more tasks for you to have a look at. 

Thinking of you all wink

22nd June

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well. There are new activities in the folders for this week, including work related to the study of Japan in the geography section. Along with us, the high schools have recommended that you should be reading as much as possible and completing comprehensions when you can. Additionally, they have shared links to maths resources which are in the maths folder – more of these will be added over the next few weeks until the end of term. You’ll find some high school transition activities (some to complete on your own, some with your parents) in the PSHE folder. Bitesize will be delivering lessons on William Shakespeare over the next couple of weeks - these will definitely be worth a look at.

Keep reading, keep smiling!

Tomorrow (18th June), the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’. You can find the link here...

Monday 15th June

Hi again all,

The folders have been updated again for the coming week but please remember to use the recommended websites too.

Hope everyone is well. yes

Monday 8th June

Hi again everyone, hope you’re all doing ok. This week’s work has been added to the folders but remember to keep on accessing BBC Bitesize; White Rose Maths and Pobble 365.

You’ll also find a link in the literacy folder for an exciting poetry competition and as 8th June is World Ocean Day, have a look in the geography folder for a link for this.

Thinking of you all wink

Monday 1st June

Hi all, June already! We would normally be thinking about high school by now and preparing for Year 7 in class. It is really important that you talk at home about any worries you might have, as well as all the things that you are looking forward to. Have a look in the PSHE folder for high school transition information and support. This week’s work has also been added into the other folders below.

Take care everyone, enjoy the sunshine! smiley


J.K. Rowling's 'The Ickabog' and competition...
We have some fabulous singers in our school - if you feel like being a part of the world's largest choir, have a look at this...

Monday 25th May

We hope everyone is keeping well and safe. As it is half term, there are no new activities added to the subject folders below. Your only tasks are to relax, enjoy the bank holiday and the week ahead. There is a folder below with a few distractions if you need them!

Check again on the 1st June for updates to the curriculum folders.

Take care, thinking of you all smiley 


Monday 18th May

Hi everyone, we hope you're all keeping well.

Activities have been added to the folders below but please do keep an eye on BBC Bitesize Daily which is jam-packed with resources. 

Stay safe, we hope to see you all very soon wink.

Monday 11th May

For our lovely Year 6 class…

So it should have been SATs week, instead it’s all change,

And now you’re home-learning with work to arrange.

No tests for you this week, that’s for sure,

But all your hard work, we must not ignore.


Passive and active voice, all kinds of nouns,

Fronted adverbials, tenses, pronouns.

Maths in abundance, all part of Year Six,

Past papers and prep, all in the mix!


We’ve not forgotten all that you’ve done,

To help you prepare for the SATs that have gone.

It doesn’t take tests to confirm what we know,

That every one of you is a star all aglow!


We know you’ll go far; you’ve all been blessed,

With talents and skills that SATs just can’t test.

We miss you so much and can’t wait to see you,

Take care in the meantime and please stay safe too.


Mrs Nevin x


Monday 4th May

Hello to all! Hope everyone is well and keeping busy.

There are new activities added to the folders below. As it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May, there is information in the history folder which is extremely interesting as part of our British history, along with some tasks (practical and written) and links. Remember to follow BBC Bitesize daily lessons too!

Keep safe everyone, thinking of you all every day wink

Pyjamarama: Friday 1st May

To celebrate the bedtime story and reading together, this year's Pyjamarama will be a day when families across the country can join in a festival of story-filled fun at home. Sign up for the free newsletter to access resources for children of all year groups.

Monday 27th April

Hi everyone, we continue to hope that you're all keeping well...we're still missing you very much. Just a reminder to check the folders below (weekly) for added activities and useful links. Stay safe yes x

Monday 20th April

Hello Year 6 and families!

We hope you are all well, keeping safe and managed to have a lovely Easter.

It’s not quite the way that we had planned to start the summer term, but below is a collection of activities and lessons to keep you going until the next update.

Bitesize Daily is launched on Monday 20th April and offers learning experiences for every age group between Year 1 and 10. White Rose Maths has teamed up with them so look out for their daily lessons. Additionally, BBC Daily programmes will be available on any TV via the red button and online on any device on BBC iPlayer.

Also see CEOP online safety activities (links below) for a wide range of resources and lessons.

Keep on reading regularly (hopefully daily) and when you open the literacy file, you’ll see a copy of our next book ‘Holes’…enjoy!

We will regularly add to the folders below so keep checking back.

Take care all of you, we really do miss you very much.

Mrs Nevin & Ms Shellien

Hello again to all,

Hope you're all keeping well and busy. We can't wait to see you again soon. 

Well, the Easter holidays are now here so we thought we'd add a few links to see you through (don't forget to look at Twitter and the ever-growing resources list below too). 


There are plenty of fun Easter activities available on White Rose Maths:


And as it is Holy Week, there are some lovely activities to complete from the following links too:


If you feel up to it, try to complete the literacy tasks below and don't forget Pobble365 and keep reading as much as you can. 


We'll update again before the end of the holidays with more activities - you could even begin researching our history topic before: 'The Ancient Mayan Civilization'. 


Check back on the 20th April for more tasks, including many daily lessons for all year groups on  


Thinking of you all wink




Hello to all our lovely Year Six children!


We hope you are all keeping well and enjoying spending some time with your families – we certainly miss you all here at school.


If you’ve managed to read The Giant’s Necklace, here are 5 literacy tasks based on the story that you can be working through…


  • Write a detailed description of the beach where Cherry was making her giant’s necklace – you could draw the setting too. Try to include active and passive sentences.
  • Write a character profile of Cherry. Include parentheses where possible.
  • Write a diary, as Cherry, about the first day of the holiday. Include a semi-colon.
  • Write a scene from the story in your own words that includes direct speech. Blend action with the dialogue, for example: “No,” she said, shaking her head slowly. Remember to fully punctuate the direct speech.
  • Plan a section of narrative from the point of view of a different character. This time include examples of reported speech and fronted adverbials.


You have produced some amazing writing and artwork from this year – keep this going if you can.


We hope that you’ve managed to have a look at White Rose Maths. Keep working through the Year 6 lessons when possible and don’t forget to have a look at the other links that are on our website class page (Twitter too).


Above all, relax and enjoy using your imagination and creativity at home – something we know that you all have a lot of!


We miss you and hope to see you soon.


Mrs Nevin and Ms Shellien


Dear parents, carers and children, 

As some families are currently having to self-isolate, we have put together some useful resources for home-learning. We will continue to review and update so please keep an eye on our class page. In the meantime, please see the attached document... 

Please see the attachment below for the SATs timetable, information and useful revision links.


Spring Term Topics 2020

Please see our curriculum map (below) for further information.


Following the 'Come and See' scheme of work, our topics for this term are:



Death and New Life



Throughout the spring term, the children will be studying ‘The Man Who Walked Between the Towers’, by Mordicai Gerstein; ‘The Giant’s Necklace’, by Michael Morpurgo and ‘The Watertower’, by Gary Crew and Steve Woolman.

In preparation for the Key Stage 2 tests, SPaG and written work will include:

  • Active and passive voice
  • Building cohesion within and across paragraphs
  • Blending action, dialogue and description
  • Using hyphens to avoid ambiguity
  • Using the ellipsis to link ideas between paragraphs
  • Revision of concepts taught previously



Concepts covered will include:

  • Number: Decimals
  • Number: Percentages
  • Measurement
  • Number: Algebra
  • Number: Ratio
  • Geometry and Statistics


Basic skills practice/revision in both literacy and numeracy will continue throughout the term.



The children will learn about evolution and inheritance



The children will develop control techniques using cardboard and modroc.


Design and Technology

Design and make a torch



We will continue to follow the 1Decision scheme of work with focus on transition and peer pressure



  • Online Safety (ongoing)
  • Design, write and debug programs



Work will include the research of differences between European and South American homes and lifestyles; describing rooms; presenting information about opinions and future aspirations.



Improvisation and composition



Hockey and dance



Homework routines will continue from the autumn term. Additional homework may be given to support preparation for the tests.



We intend to run after school clubs before and after school to support SATs revision – we will send out information in due course.

This year’s SATs tests will take place during the week commencing 11th May 2020. 

Year 6 curriculum map

  • Our Mission Statement
  • Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • To go forward in Christ, to respect our neighbour and to always give our best.