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St William of York Catholic Primary School

Return arrangements 8th March 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


As you are aware, we have been putting plans in place over the past week for a full re-opening of our school from Monday, 8th March.


In this letter, I will be highlighting the main changes to our normal routines which we have identified as part of our risk assessment. The majority of these have been in place since September while a few others are based on the new guidance from the Department for Education.


The government have confirmed that school attendance from the 8th March is compulsory and we hope that the measures we have put in place will reassure you. While we cannot eliminate the risk completely, we have done our best to ensure it is minimised.


Part of the continued government guidance involves staggered start and finish times. As a result children will continue to follow the allocated start and finish times for their year group “bubble”, as they did from September to December. The times are exactly the same and are as follows:


Year Group

Start Time/s

Finish Time/s

Parent social distancing arrangements. Pick up/drop off points.


8.45am 12.15pm

11.45am 3.15pm

Enter through the usual small gate by Nursery observing social distancing.




Enter through the usual small gate outside Reception class observing social distancing at all times.

Year 1



Access through the main side gate by Reception Class and then line up facing gate onto play area outside Year 1 class door. Observing social distancing at all times.

Year 2



Access through the main side gate by Reception Class and then line up facing Year 2 class door. Observing social distancing at all times.

Year 3



Access through the main side gate by Reception Class and then line up facing Year 3 class door. Observing social distancing at all times.

Year 4



Access through the main gate by the end of the car park. Walk round past Year 5 class and then line up on the yard facing Year 4 class door. Observing social distancing at all times.

Year 5



Access through the main gate by the end of the car park. Walk round and line up outside Year 5, no need to go on the yard. Observing social distancing at all times.

Year 6



Access through the main gate by the end of the car park. Walk round past Year 5 class and then line up on the yard facing Year 6 class door. Observing social distancing at all times.


Where there are families with brothers and sisters in school, parents/carers should arrange to drop all the children off at the latest time of one of the siblings. When picking up the reverse should happen and all children should be picked up at the earliest finishing time. (e.g. A family has a child in Year 1 and a child in Year 5. Both children should be dropped off at school at 9.00 am and then collected at 3.00 pm). 


It is very important that parents stick to these times and that a 2m distance is kept between other adults and children around the school gate. If a child needs to be accompanied, only one parent should attend. Once you have dropped off/picked up your child it is important that you leave the school premises straight away so we don`t have groups congregating on the yard, by classroom doors or outside the school gates. It is also compulsory that all adults entering the school site wear a face mask.


In terms of advice around equipment/uniform, please see the list below:


  • Drawstring bag for PE kit (to remain in school unless kit needs washing) Rucksacks are not permitted.  School PE bags are available from the school office but any drawstring bag can be used.
  • School book bag. Available for sale from the school office £5.00 each
  • Water bottle (With name on)
  • Full school uniform including black shoes, not black trainers. (For our younger children in Nursery & Reception who cannot tie their own laces, shoes/trainers with Velcro straps must be worn)
  • Packed lunch (if bringing from home)
  • Warm, waterproof coat for outdoor learning/play
  • All items must be labelled with your child’s name.


NB: No other bags, toys or equipment from home will be allowed in school as we need to reduce the risk of transmission.


Children will be in a full class ‘bubble’ and will remain in the same classroom with the same people as far as possible.

Use of stationery

School will provide children with pens, pencils etc. as usual but they will not be able to share this equipment. Shared school resources such as PE equipment and toys (EYFS) are allowed within each bubble but will be cleaned before and after use.


The only bags that children will be allowed to bring into school are draw-string PE bags and school book bags. We do not have the space to safely accommodate rucksacks and need to reduce cross contamination. Nursery children need to have a bag with a change of clothes in.

Temperature checks

Children will not routinely have their temperature checked in school, however if we are concerned that a child is unwell, we will carry out a check with a ‘non-contact’ thermometer.

Assemblies/Collective Worship

Unfortunately, guidance states that whole school assemblies/Collective Worship are not currently allowed.

Marking Books

Marking of books will be limited to avoid any virus transmission to staff. Children will be able to self-mark where possible (for example in maths and verbal feedback will still be provided).


Children have missed a large amount of the curriculum. We will therefore look to provide additional catch up whilst also providing a broad and balanced curriculum.


Where possible children will still need to abide by social distancing measures at breaktimes. These times will be staggered according to teaching bubbles. Some play equipment will be available to each “bubble” but contact games such as football won’t be allowed.


Lunchtimes will be slightly shorter and staggered to ensure the same amount of teaching hours. A packed lunch will either be provided by school or by parents if you so wish. The school hall will be used but its capacity will be significantly reduced with only two classes using it at any one time. (This will allow time for wiping of surfaces in the classrooms). The hall will effectively be split into two parts. Infants will all be entitled to a free school packed lunch. Juniors will have to pay (£2.25 per day, £11.25 per week, payable in advance), unless they are entitled to a free school meal. There will be time for exercise and these times will be staggered according to groups and will need to comply with social distancing.

Pupil handwashing times

Regular handwashing procedures will be in place for teaching groups. The children will wash their hands when coming into school, at breaktime, before eating, after using the bathroom, before leaving school and regularly during the school day.

Parent Communication

We will continue to communicate via our new Parent App for general matters and via the school email address if parents have individual enquiries. We ask that everyone communicates via email whenever possible rather than sending physical letters into school. Electronic communication is safest by far. If parents need to speak to a class teacher, they should contact the school office who will in turn inform the teacher who will then be able to ring them back. If you haven’t already downloaded the school App please do so or request a link if you haven’t received one.

School Office

We will be limiting visitors to school to an absolute minimum and ask that parents only come to the foyer if it is absolutely necessary. Only one person at a time will be allowed in the foyer. A 2m distance should be maintained when talking to office staff. If you are waiting, it is safer to wait outside and at a distance of 2m from others.

Reading books/Homework

We will try, where possible, to allow children to borrow a reading book but these will have to be changed less frequently as they will need to be left for a period of 72 hours before they can be borrowed by another child. In terms of homework, children will be given a homework book in which they will be able to complete the online learning/ or activity sheets.

Covid Symptoms

If staff or children display any of the main symptoms of COVID-19, high temperature, continuous cough or loss of smell or taste, they must remain at home and book a test. While the results of testing are awaited, the bubble can remain in school. If the result is negative, the child or staff member can return to school straight away. If the test is positive, the bubble will need to remain at home for 10 days.

Breakfast/After School Clubs

Government guidance has said that Breakfast and After School Clubs can still go ahead however we will need to introduce new procedures. In order to reduce the mixing of “bubbles” in the Breakfast Club any children attending will have to sit at their year group table. Breakfast will be provided and then they will sit and watch a DVD, unfortunately we won’t be able to provide any additional games/play equipment due to the number of children attending. Please complete the booking form on Parentapp under surveys to reserve a place. In terms of the After-School Club a lot of the provision will focus on outdoor play so as to reduce the amount of mixing in a confined space and children who will be attending will be put in small groups to reduce the levels of contact.

Cleaning of classrooms

Cleaning staff will complete a thorough clean every day and classrooms will not be in use over the weekends. We have also introduced extra cleaning of toilets, door handles etc during the school day & classroom staff will be cleaning surfaces throughout the day at regular intervals.


As you can see, the majority of the guidelines issued in September are still relevant now and all the children are familiar with the routines we had in place since then.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you once again for your patience, support and understanding during these difficult times and look forward to welcoming all the children back safely on Monday 8th March.


Yours sincerely


Mr M Murphy


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